Our College strongly believes that in the competitive world of higher education topmost priority should be given to qualitative considerations. The college has always tried to adopt the process of reformation and has shown its inclination towards periodical changes in the system. We being “Perfection Hungry” educationist decided to go for the Accreditation by an autonomous body like NAAC and get their certification declaring that we possess what we claim. In the beginning of the year, Principal gave some information to the staff about NAAC and it was unanimously decided to go ahead in the matter. Accordingly enquiry was made and Literature was collected from NAAC, Bangalore. Our Principal always discussed the various matters with teaching and non-teaching staff in the office. And finally the steering committee was framed in October 2002. This Committee included following members.
Board Members :
  • Prin. Dr. R. P. Phalak      (Chairman)
  • Mrs. A. K. Patil              (Coordinator)
Members :
  • Mrs. S. S. Dharmadhikari
  • Dr. Dayaghan S. Rane
  • Dr. Rajesh B. Dhake
  • Mr. Rajendra D. Bhole
  • Dr. Sanjay V. Baviskar
  • Dr. Rajendra M. Sarode
  • Dr. Kanta M. Bhala
  • Mr. S. V. Baviskar
  • Dr. Sanjay D. Chaudhari
  • Mr. Deepakkumar Jaiswar
  • Mr. P. S. Patil (Office Superintendent.)
  • Mr. Y. D. Chaudhari (Head Clerk)

The Steering Committee had regular meetings whenever required. Distribution of work was done among the members of the Committee who were assisted by other colleagues. The departmental inputs were given by the respective heads of the department.
The steering Committee then prepared the final report on the basis of the available data.