Dadasaheb Devidas Namdeo Bhole College has a good collection of books, college has a reading room. To meet the growing requirements of the students some classrooms are kept open on Sunday and Holidays. It is open from 7.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. The institution has allotted sufficient space to certain departments like Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Geography and Computer Science. Computer lab is also available to the students of Commerce stream. We have a Botanical Garden in the Campus and which is constantly being enriched. The college has established well-equipped computer laboratory consisting of computers with Scanner, Laser Printer, and Dot Matrix Printers and networking facility. The computer is provided to the office and the Principal’s office. The functioning of the Administrative office is partially computerized. Thus these facilities help in providing quick services to the students and the staff. Computers &Internet facility is also available in the college. The college provides sports facilities for indoor games like Carom, Chess, and outdoor games like Badminton. Tracksuits are also provided to the students. The college also uses coronation Hall and ground for organizing certain sports matches such as Badminton.

Organization and Management

The managing committee of the Bhusawal People’s Charitable Sanstha looks after the administration of Dadasaheb Devidas Namdeo Bhole College. It controls finance and approves the schemes of development and expansion of activities.

The local Managing Committee (LMC) meets as per the requirement. There is a special committee for planning and a Forum for deciding the academic Calendar of the college. For teaching and non-teaching staff some courses in computer are arranged by the college.

Teaching Staff

• List of Permanent Teaching Staff

Sr.No Name of the Permanent Teacher Designation Qualification
1 Dr. R. P. Phalak Principal M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D.
2 Dr. R. M. Sarode Lecturer M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D
3 Dr. S. D. Chaudhari Director of Phy. Edn. M.A., M.P.Ed., SET.
4 Mrs. K. M. Bhala Lecturer M.A., SET.
5 Mrs. S. S. Dharmadhikari Lecturer M.Com
6 Mr. A. G. Nemade Lecturer M. Sc.,M.Phil
7 Dr. D. S. Rane Lecturer M. Sc,Ph.D
8 Dr. S. V. Baviskar Lecturer M.A,Ph.D
9 Mrs. J. P. Sarode Lecturer M.A., M. Phil.
10 Mrs. A. K. Patil Lecturer M.A.
11 Mrs. S. T. Chaudhari Lecturer M.A., B. Ed.
12 Mrs. B. A. Bendale Lecturer M.A., B. Ed
13 Mrs. S. N. Chaudhari Lecturer M.A., B. Ed
14 Mr. A. R. Sawale Lecturer M.A.
15 Dr. G. P.Waghulde Lecturer M. Sc.
16 Mr. S. D. Chaudhari (Science) Lecturer M. Sc
17 Mr. J.B. Chavan Lecturer M.A., B. Ed.
18 Mr. S. S. Patil Lecturer M. Sc
19 Mrs. M. A. Patil Lecturer M. Sc
20 Dr. R.B.Dhake Lecturer M. Sc.
21 Mrs. N. S. Wankhede Lecturer M. Sc.
22 Mr. R. D. Bhole Lecturer M.A

• List of Temporary* Teaching Staff

Sr.No Name of the Temporary Teacher Designation Qualification

• List of C.H.B. Teaching Staff

Sr.No Name of theTeacher Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Deepakkumar P Jaiswar Lecturer B.Level
2 Mr Tabrej.A.Khan Lecturer M.Sc
3 Mrs. Madhuri.C.Koli Lecturer M.C.A.
4 Mrs. K.R.Chaudhari Lecturer M.Sc.
4 Mrs. V.Narkhede Lecturer M.Sc

** On Clock Hour Basis

Non – Teaching Staff

•  List of Technical Staff

Sr.No Name of Technical Staff Designation
1 Mr. M. P. Nemade Laboratory Assistant
2 Mr. L S. Zope Laboratory Assistant
3 Mr. L. P. Kurkure Laboratory Attendant
4 Mr. P. R. Chaudahari Laboratory Attendant
5 Mr.V.N.Patil Laboratory Attendant
6 Mr. M.S.Korahadkar Laboratory Attendant
7 Mr. D.P.Mahajan Laboratory Attendant

•  Library

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Librarian
2 Mr.P.R.Narkhede Library Attendant
3 Mr. R.V.Patil Library Attendant
4 Mr.S.G.Chaudhari Library Attendant

•  List of the Administrative Staff

Sr.No Name of the Administrative Staff Designation
1 Mr. P S. Patil Office Superintendent
2 Mr. Y. D. Chaudhari Head Clerk
3 Mr. A. C. Barhate Senior Clerk
4 Mr. S. I. Patil Junior Clerk
5 Mr. K. V. Patil Junior Clerk
6 Mr.P.P.Sawale Peon
7 Mr.S.S.Thosar Peon